Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Opinion on Early Marriage

  I think that early marriage is the hardest decision in our every day life ,it is the reason for all the
problems that happen recently, for example, 17 years old is immature age to have a family and carry
 responsibility of children in addition, to financial problems specially  that boys will face because at 
this age they are at the school and when they will be mature they will feel that they do not live their 
life absolutely that lead to many disasters in the society.

Still now according to me I am 23 and I don't like to carry responsibility from now such as
cooking,taking care of children ,specially because the school take all my time to practice on such 
tasks and managing my own family while there are some special cases like my uncle she was married
when she was 16 and her husband was 22 ,where some people thought that they were too young to
get married ,others thought that was fine but till now from 13 years they are a happy family and it
was a good decision.

  I think we should think about the right time of our life to get married but we should recognize the
effects if they enter in this situation since this is not an easy task ,therefore we have to consider 
many things and ask our selves if we are ready to have a family or not . 

My Message to my Integrative Technology Friends

     This  year is coming to an end and I want to say goodbye to you my friends and my lovely doctor ,I have the pleasure to spend beautiful times with you because you all were amazing friends ,In other words you are my sisters and brothers .

I hope you have the best of great success and luck in your life and to be happy ,so use your mind carefully then your heart but pay attention to try to solve your problems wisely.
 Put in your mind that you can reach every thing when you want , in other words when you work hardly and in an organized way by having a fixed schedule in your life ,but be far away from every thing that come from lies that only lead you to a bad way.
In addition to the most important thing that I wish from you is to keep connection with each other in spite of finishing the university that can be through this blog because I am not ready to lose any of my family .

Finally I am present when you need my help even in education ,really I will miss you all and hope you will enjoy Summer 
                                                        ''Good luck''   

Unity is Strength

Once upon a time, on a land so fertile and full of fruit trees, where water springs were abundant and the weather was awesome, there lived a boy called Jihad with his family. Jihad had two brothers and two sisters, they lived a happy life and were satisfied with what they had and thanked God for all of this fortune.

But one gloomy day, something happened that turned their lives upside down and changed them into feathers blown left and right by the wind of fate. A group of strangers came and settled nearby, they were of different races but all of them had the same haircut and both men and women wore the same earrings in their right ears. 

The strangers noticed the beauty and fertility of the family's land and decided to take it no matter what the price was. First of all, they offered to purchase it, but the family refused to sell it for any price. The strangers were disappointed and decided to use other means, so they started turning the brothers against each other and against their parents knowing that a family that was not united was easy to defeat, but it was useless, the family members were like a bunch of sticks firmly tied together. So the strangers got more frustrated and started causing various kinds of damage to the fruit trees and polluting the spring water with dead animals and chemical substances; but the more destruction they caused the more the family were determined to repair and restore everything to its original state. And Even though the family were suspicious about who was behind all of this they kept treating their new neighbors with respect and were even helpful to them in times of need, saying to themselves "Perhaps our neighbors don't know what they are doing." 

But one night, the strangers, motivated by their fury, frustration and greed, made a devilish plan to get rid of the family and take their land. So they attacked them, sheltered by the wings of darkness and led by their evil souls. They took them by surprise and captured all of them except Jihad, who was taking care of a wounded Wolf in a near by cave. They threw them into a deep well at the edge of the land where they would die of hunger and thirst as nobody would find them there.

When Jihad approached home the following day and saw the strangers moving freely around it, he realized what had happened and said to himself, "It seems that our neighbors really knew what they were doing!" so he was aware that the only way to get back their sacred land, his family's dignity and save their lives was through fighting back. He ran towards the strangers with a stone in each hand, when they saw him they were startled by his sudden appearance and were appalled by his courage and the sparkling look in his eyes and before they could do anything he ran closer to them and shouted, "A stone in the hand of right is stronger than a gun in the hand of evil" and before they knew it, he had hit two of them right in the head and left them lying on the ground with the others trying to aid them and he ran away.

Very soon afterwards, Jihad managed to find his family in the well and freed them, and together they made a plan to free their land from the vicious strangers. They attacked them at dawn and though the strangers outnumbered them, they managed to defeat them and the strangers went running away like coward rabbits chased by valiant eagles. 
The land was free and the family were together again living happily on their fertile land surrounded by fruit trees and water springs and they realized more than ever how valuable their land was to them and how much they were ready to sacrifice to keep it safe and free.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My experience in teaching

        During teaching I got a good experience since I taught for 3 years, each year I learned

something in the teaching domain so this year I am much better than the 2 previous years and that of

 course by the big efforts and advices from many teachers or on the other words my doctors and my

 friends in teaching diploma because they are so helpful, effective and qualified persons and they had

 an essential role in the way I teach. Also the director of our school has a big influence; he is always

  in contact with me, gives me advices and notes which I deal seriously with them.

The education is quite important to me as an Science teacher. So, I have attended a workshop

 “Teaching Knowledge Test ” which was about lesson plans and classroom management. Also

 I have attended a workshop in O.M.E.C. which was about the teaching process in general in addition

 to the very rich workshops that I’ve attended in Al Makassed School which were very effective in

the way I teach.

We all strive to succeed, and success comes with knowledge. So, in order to develop, we must learn.

 That’s why I’ll continue working on myself. I still have a lot to learn and to be in the right place of

responsibility. So, I will work hard in order to achieve my own goals to be professional and

 successful in the job that I choose and love.
Therefore, I always listen to my coordinator and director, attending workshops as much as I can

 inside and outside the school, cooperate and discuss everything with teachers who had a long

experience in teaching and of course to search and to be always up to date for everything new

 through books, internet, encyclopedias…

I am interested in developing student projects in origami, puzzles,  and art. I would like to develop

 my use of technology in the classroom. I would also like the chance to develop a meaningful course

 in our culture, including topics from art, literature, and media.

To sum up I’d like to be remembered as a teacher who inspired her students to learn.

My Cute Job

''Teacher'' is the most  meaningful word with respect to me when I hear it I feel like an important member in the society ,I've honored myself and the entire family of man by becoming a teacher.I am happy that my profession is to teach Science especially for children. I enjoy this job so much and my happiness reaches its utmost when I deliver a lesson and I feel it resulted in a great effect on my students.
 I feel that I open windows for them and lower walls in their realm of education. In my opinion, teaching means youth and childhood, teaching makes us young all the time, it makes us meet young people and live their ages. Teaching is really a sacred profession, it is a profession of giving more than waiting to take, it’s great to be a teacher, to beloved of your students who expect to learn a lot from you .Personally I’ve decided to be a teacher because I believe that only education can help us to construct a better world and a better future in addition teaching is a creative profession and if you
love and understand its mission you’ll find it so lovely.

Working in groups in My Classroom

 I encourage cooperative learning with my students because it helps them to learn and feel joy at
 the same time .In groups, students can share strengths and feel success. They develop their various skills, they learn to deal with conflict, learners actively participate, they are invested in their own learning and they draw upon their past experiences and knowledge. In cooperative learning teachers become learners at times and learners sometimes teach, respect is given to every member, projects and questions interest and challenge students and goals are clearly identified and used as a guide.challenge students and goals are clearly identified and used as a guide.

So, I use to apply cooperative learning in my classroom in which I divide the class into groups; each
 group consists of students with different abilities and skills. I explain clearly step by step the activity
and I give clear and obvious instructions to the groups identifying the role of each member in each
 group. So I act as a facilitator walking around the class and ensuring teams are supporting each other
in group .

This can be helpful also for students who have difficulty with social skills. They can benefit from
 structured social interactions with others. So, as much they cooperate and collaborate together as
much they discover, learn and create.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Integrating ICT and IEarn projects in learning

   IEarn and ICT projects are very interested online collaborative projects that discussed very

 interested ideas and aimed to enhance learning across cultures and they are active through

 44 countries around the world to have a safe educational environment .

 ''Today's learners are tomorrow's leaders'';Really a teacher plays a great role in the society

 and in the future that give him the right to feel like a leader ,also he produces effective

 generations specially through using this programs that gives them conscious and increase

 their responsibility in their environment so we see an impact and change as a result of 

acquiring different skills from these projects that enable students to take leadership roles.
ICT based projects skills :
Thinking skills :
Critical ,Analytical ,creative inferences,cross compare ,problem solving and making decision.
Characteristics of ICT projects :
-Student centered;they take ownership of learning process.
-It discuses real problems ,issues or questions.
-Meaningful context .
-Community and linkage.
Contents of IEarn project :
-The facilitator ,the country,and the language .
-Student age level and dates .
-Contributions and outcomes.
Some advices concerning IEarn projects :
-Understand the structure and the time line .
-How to apply it with the students.
-Select a theme or project that meet your curriculum goals.
-Plan your work.
-Check it with the coordinator and make sure that your project is active.

   In conclusion I would like to thank Mr. Amal and our visitor Mr. Matni for these

 important information that enlighten our ways as teachers .


Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Philosophy Of Education

     I believe that all the students have the ability to learn and have the right

 to a quality education regardless of gender ,race ,ethnicity and capabilities

 to get every part in the curriculum that disagreed with the realists that

 focused in specific groups of students specially in my school that include

 different cultures and levels . In our curriculum we should l teach

 different subjects that students must fulfill in order they pass to a level of 

education and that is why the teacher should refer to all topics that will be

 taught and assess the students according to the given curriculum that he

 focused in the classroom and during the school years .

     As a result curriculum and the teacher are related to each other because

 the teacher should provide the best and the most relevant learning topics 

for their students so  the maximal understanding of the curriculum is

 achieved .
    Therefore teachers need a flexible curriculum as I used in my classroom 

so that they can teach their unique and relevant ways to their individual 

students and achieve  out most of them and as scholars mentioned that a 

fixed curriculum should be present so that teachers can adapt and teach a

 curricula suitable for his students .
    Finally, curriculum should reflect the values and attitudes of the

 community that the school located in to enhance the individual 

effectiveness in the society that is why I believe that curriculum should still

 result in a student acquiring specific knowledge and skills to perform well

 in the tests so we need to create a curriculum that guide students to a 

path of success in their life.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Best moments in my life
1-To see an old friend again and to feel that things have not changed.
2-To finish my last exam and all projects.

3- To wake up and realize its still possible to sleep "5 min".

4- To eat when I am very hungry .

5- To feel like a butterfly every time you see THAT PERSON.

6- Waiting... for a call or message from your closed friend when you are alone.

7- Walking alone on a silent road at night and listening to your favorite songs and watching the silent moon .

8- Running on a highway while its raining.

9- Sitting alone to think deeply to decide important things to do 

10- To touch and kiss the fingers of newly born child.

11- And the last one is "right now" while reading this message there was constant smile on your face.....which was one of the best moments I believe.

                                           ~*~ KEEP ~*~ SMILING ~*~ :

Life is toooooo Short

When you grow up like I did,

You learn not to trust anyone,

You realize that everyone around you,

Cannot be trusted to the full extent,

You learn to fake a smile,

So you don't hurt those that are close to you,

You learn to love and hold onto that special one,

And when times get rough, you learn to let go,

You learn to walk the other way,

Without looking back..

I grew up with basic rules,

I don't trust anyone,

I don't get close enough to someone,

To allow them to control me.

I fight for what I believe in,

Whether it be physically or mentally or emotionally,

I'll put my guard up and fight this world.

I believe some things are best left unspoken

So i learned to sometimes never question "why"..

I learn not to give second chances,

Because I don't need to be hurt twice,

I learn not to do anything

That forces me to ask for a second chance..

With whatever happens in my life,

I learned turn the other way and scream

Life's too short to sit there and worry

about who decided to walk out of my life.

I learned to remain strong and hopeful,

because a wise man once taught me,

That through every dark night,

There is a brighter day..
I do not intentionally hurt people,

Unless they find a way to hurt me,

I love those that love me,

I respect those that respect me,

And ill turn my back on those,

That try to break me..

I can't change who I am,

So don't think you can change me..

In my mind, I am stronger than those who try to tear me down,

Not always physically,

But in my heart and in my mind