My Ideal Teacher

      In general teacher gives the student a positive feed back in his life through his way 

of teaching and dealing with them and as a result they  become intrinsically

 motivated to learn his subject .

  According to me, my ideal teacher is the teacher that teaches us from his heart not

 only from the book and who has a friendly relation ship with us as I deal with my 

students now specially because my age is closer to their ages .

  Over time, the influence of good teachers can never be erased from my mind, hence

 why, I will explore how my experiential learning has facilitated my knowledge and

 skills throughout the areas of my learning journey.

    However,  I like my ideal teacher to motivate all the students  through creating 

student’s curiosity and emphasizing that they based their answers on their own

 thoughts as they interpreted the information so the teacher will motivate them to

 increase their ability to think critically and applied content knowledge they have

 acquired to the real-world problems by observing the documents not on what they

 had memorized.
I remember many ideas from my childhood because I build my knowledge with the

 guidance of my ideal teacher who often requires more than just making multiple

 connections of new ideas to old ones; he helped me sometimes to require that

 people reconstruct their thinking radically. However; the biggest role for positive

 motivational influence is that of a great knowledge and is able to relate the thinking

  and information of the students to their real life situations to enjoy their learning

 journey and continue with it.

I hope to be an ideal teacher with respect to my students in the future and I will try

 my best to reach this dream .

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