Thursday, May 10, 2012

Integrating ICT and IEarn projects in learning

   IEarn and ICT projects are very interested online collaborative projects that discussed very

 interested ideas and aimed to enhance learning across cultures and they are active through

 44 countries around the world to have a safe educational environment .

 ''Today's learners are tomorrow's leaders'';Really a teacher plays a great role in the society

 and in the future that give him the right to feel like a leader ,also he produces effective

 generations specially through using this programs that gives them conscious and increase

 their responsibility in their environment so we see an impact and change as a result of 

acquiring different skills from these projects that enable students to take leadership roles.
ICT based projects skills :
Thinking skills :
Critical ,Analytical ,creative inferences,cross compare ,problem solving and making decision.
Characteristics of ICT projects :
-Student centered;they take ownership of learning process.
-It discuses real problems ,issues or questions.
-Meaningful context .
-Community and linkage.
Contents of IEarn project :
-The facilitator ,the country,and the language .
-Student age level and dates .
-Contributions and outcomes.
Some advices concerning IEarn projects :
-Understand the structure and the time line .
-How to apply it with the students.
-Select a theme or project that meet your curriculum goals.
-Plan your work.
-Check it with the coordinator and make sure that your project is active.

   In conclusion I would like to thank Mr. Amal and our visitor Mr. Matni for these

 important information that enlighten our ways as teachers .