Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Working in groups in My Classroom

 I encourage cooperative learning with my students because it helps them to learn and feel joy at
 the same time .In groups, students can share strengths and feel success. They develop their various skills, they learn to deal with conflict, learners actively participate, they are invested in their own learning and they draw upon their past experiences and knowledge. In cooperative learning teachers become learners at times and learners sometimes teach, respect is given to every member, projects and questions interest and challenge students and goals are clearly identified and used as a guide.challenge students and goals are clearly identified and used as a guide.

So, I use to apply cooperative learning in my classroom in which I divide the class into groups; each
 group consists of students with different abilities and skills. I explain clearly step by step the activity
and I give clear and obvious instructions to the groups identifying the role of each member in each
 group. So I act as a facilitator walking around the class and ensuring teams are supporting each other
in group .

This can be helpful also for students who have difficulty with social skills. They can benefit from
 structured social interactions with others. So, as much they cooperate and collaborate together as
much they discover, learn and create.

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