Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My experience in teaching

        During teaching I got a good experience since I taught for 3 years, each year I learned

something in the teaching domain so this year I am much better than the 2 previous years and that of

 course by the big efforts and advices from many teachers or on the other words my doctors and my

 friends in teaching diploma because they are so helpful, effective and qualified persons and they had

 an essential role in the way I teach. Also the director of our school has a big influence; he is always

  in contact with me, gives me advices and notes which I deal seriously with them.

The education is quite important to me as an Science teacher. So, I have attended a workshop

 “Teaching Knowledge Test ” which was about lesson plans and classroom management. Also

 I have attended a workshop in O.M.E.C. which was about the teaching process in general in addition

 to the very rich workshops that I’ve attended in Al Makassed School which were very effective in

the way I teach.

We all strive to succeed, and success comes with knowledge. So, in order to develop, we must learn.

 That’s why I’ll continue working on myself. I still have a lot to learn and to be in the right place of

responsibility. So, I will work hard in order to achieve my own goals to be professional and

 successful in the job that I choose and love.
Therefore, I always listen to my coordinator and director, attending workshops as much as I can

 inside and outside the school, cooperate and discuss everything with teachers who had a long

experience in teaching and of course to search and to be always up to date for everything new

 through books, internet, encyclopedias…

I am interested in developing student projects in origami, puzzles,  and art. I would like to develop

 my use of technology in the classroom. I would also like the chance to develop a meaningful course

 in our culture, including topics from art, literature, and media.

To sum up I’d like to be remembered as a teacher who inspired her students to learn.

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