Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Opinion on Early Marriage

  I think that early marriage is the hardest decision in our every day life ,it is the reason for all the
problems that happen recently, for example, 17 years old is immature age to have a family and carry
 responsibility of children in addition, to financial problems specially  that boys will face because at 
this age they are at the school and when they will be mature they will feel that they do not live their 
life absolutely that lead to many disasters in the society.

Still now according to me I am 23 and I don't like to carry responsibility from now such as
cooking,taking care of children ,specially because the school take all my time to practice on such 
tasks and managing my own family while there are some special cases like my uncle she was married
when she was 16 and her husband was 22 ,where some people thought that they were too young to
get married ,others thought that was fine but till now from 13 years they are a happy family and it
was a good decision.

  I think we should think about the right time of our life to get married but we should recognize the
effects if they enter in this situation since this is not an easy task ,therefore we have to consider 
many things and ask our selves if we are ready to have a family or not . 

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