Thursday, May 17, 2012

Unity is Strength

Once upon a time, on a land so fertile and full of fruit trees, where water springs were abundant and the weather was awesome, there lived a boy called Jihad with his family. Jihad had two brothers and two sisters, they lived a happy life and were satisfied with what they had and thanked God for all of this fortune.

But one gloomy day, something happened that turned their lives upside down and changed them into feathers blown left and right by the wind of fate. A group of strangers came and settled nearby, they were of different races but all of them had the same haircut and both men and women wore the same earrings in their right ears. 

The strangers noticed the beauty and fertility of the family's land and decided to take it no matter what the price was. First of all, they offered to purchase it, but the family refused to sell it for any price. The strangers were disappointed and decided to use other means, so they started turning the brothers against each other and against their parents knowing that a family that was not united was easy to defeat, but it was useless, the family members were like a bunch of sticks firmly tied together. So the strangers got more frustrated and started causing various kinds of damage to the fruit trees and polluting the spring water with dead animals and chemical substances; but the more destruction they caused the more the family were determined to repair and restore everything to its original state. And Even though the family were suspicious about who was behind all of this they kept treating their new neighbors with respect and were even helpful to them in times of need, saying to themselves "Perhaps our neighbors don't know what they are doing." 

But one night, the strangers, motivated by their fury, frustration and greed, made a devilish plan to get rid of the family and take their land. So they attacked them, sheltered by the wings of darkness and led by their evil souls. They took them by surprise and captured all of them except Jihad, who was taking care of a wounded Wolf in a near by cave. They threw them into a deep well at the edge of the land where they would die of hunger and thirst as nobody would find them there.

When Jihad approached home the following day and saw the strangers moving freely around it, he realized what had happened and said to himself, "It seems that our neighbors really knew what they were doing!" so he was aware that the only way to get back their sacred land, his family's dignity and save their lives was through fighting back. He ran towards the strangers with a stone in each hand, when they saw him they were startled by his sudden appearance and were appalled by his courage and the sparkling look in his eyes and before they could do anything he ran closer to them and shouted, "A stone in the hand of right is stronger than a gun in the hand of evil" and before they knew it, he had hit two of them right in the head and left them lying on the ground with the others trying to aid them and he ran away.

Very soon afterwards, Jihad managed to find his family in the well and freed them, and together they made a plan to free their land from the vicious strangers. They attacked them at dawn and though the strangers outnumbered them, they managed to defeat them and the strangers went running away like coward rabbits chased by valiant eagles. 
The land was free and the family were together again living happily on their fertile land surrounded by fruit trees and water springs and they realized more than ever how valuable their land was to them and how much they were ready to sacrifice to keep it safe and free.

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