Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Philosophy Of Education

     I believe that all the students have the ability to learn and have the right

 to a quality education regardless of gender ,race ,ethnicity and capabilities

 to get every part in the curriculum that disagreed with the realists that

 focused in specific groups of students specially in my school that include

 different cultures and levels . In our curriculum we should l teach

 different subjects that students must fulfill in order they pass to a level of 

education and that is why the teacher should refer to all topics that will be

 taught and assess the students according to the given curriculum that he

 focused in the classroom and during the school years .

     As a result curriculum and the teacher are related to each other because

 the teacher should provide the best and the most relevant learning topics 

for their students so  the maximal understanding of the curriculum is

 achieved .
    Therefore teachers need a flexible curriculum as I used in my classroom 

so that they can teach their unique and relevant ways to their individual 

students and achieve  out most of them and as scholars mentioned that a 

fixed curriculum should be present so that teachers can adapt and teach a

 curricula suitable for his students .
    Finally, curriculum should reflect the values and attitudes of the

 community that the school located in to enhance the individual 

effectiveness in the society that is why I believe that curriculum should still

 result in a student acquiring specific knowledge and skills to perform well

 in the tests so we need to create a curriculum that guide students to a 

path of success in their life.


  1. The curriculum is an essential source for the teaching and learning process. In which it simplifies the planning of the teacher. But it's essential to be flexible so that it doesn't overwhelm the teacher and the students.

  2. It is important for teacher to know the different backgrounds of their students. This way they are able to give them special help, or adapt and change things, so that they go along their friends, so that they don't feel different. This sense of belonging, and safety in school is probably one of the most important factors which helps students succeed better in school.