Friday, April 13, 2012

Life is toooooo Short

When you grow up like I did,

You learn not to trust anyone,

You realize that everyone around you,

Cannot be trusted to the full extent,

You learn to fake a smile,

So you don't hurt those that are close to you,

You learn to love and hold onto that special one,

And when times get rough, you learn to let go,

You learn to walk the other way,

Without looking back..

I grew up with basic rules,

I don't trust anyone,

I don't get close enough to someone,

To allow them to control me.

I fight for what I believe in,

Whether it be physically or mentally or emotionally,

I'll put my guard up and fight this world.

I believe some things are best left unspoken

So i learned to sometimes never question "why"..

I learn not to give second chances,

Because I don't need to be hurt twice,

I learn not to do anything

That forces me to ask for a second chance..

With whatever happens in my life,

I learned turn the other way and scream

Life's too short to sit there and worry

about who decided to walk out of my life.

I learned to remain strong and hopeful,

because a wise man once taught me,

That through every dark night,

There is a brighter day..
I do not intentionally hurt people,

Unless they find a way to hurt me,

I love those that love me,

I respect those that respect me,

And ill turn my back on those,

That try to break me..

I can't change who I am,

So don't think you can change me..

In my mind, I am stronger than those who try to tear me down,

Not always physically,

But in my heart and in my mind


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