Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Message to my Integrative Technology Friends

     This  year is coming to an end and I want to say goodbye to you my friends and my lovely doctor ,I have the pleasure to spend beautiful times with you because you all were amazing friends ,In other words you are my sisters and brothers .

I hope you have the best of great success and luck in your life and to be happy ,so use your mind carefully then your heart but pay attention to try to solve your problems wisely.
 Put in your mind that you can reach every thing when you want , in other words when you work hardly and in an organized way by having a fixed schedule in your life ,but be far away from every thing that come from lies that only lead you to a bad way.
In addition to the most important thing that I wish from you is to keep connection with each other in spite of finishing the university that can be through this blog because I am not ready to lose any of my family .

Finally I am present when you need my help even in education ,really I will miss you all and hope you will enjoy Summer 
                                                        ''Good luck''   

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