In the beginning of the semester I was very interested in attending  EDUC 560 ,but I was surprised that the net was very slow and I didn't know any student because it was my first course  ,as a result  at the beginning I felt bad but every thing changed after 2 days because the objectives of the course are very interested in which we started practicing on new things that increased our communication and networking with the world including this blogger which gives me a positive feedback  .
     Doctor Amal  has a perfect method of teaching that make us involved in the discussion and working in the computer lab, she helps us in every thing also,what made me more relaxed is the group working and the social interaction between us that strengthen my relation with others specially from different majors ,in addition we share important  ideas with others and at the same time I apply every thing I am learning with my students in the school and in my daily life so I will thank my God because I am enjoying my time and at the same I increase my abilities through this course with my lovely friends and my cooperative doctor "Amal Frahat".

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